. . .And centers like ours should be a love letter to the community that we serve.

Together, we are charged with creativity and using art as a form of expression; of collectively helping to define culturally what it means to be human. This spirit of creativity has never felt more vital than it is today.

As a community we often find ourselves growing apart more often than we witness ourselves coming together. At Spruill, our students, instructors, artists and volunteers recognize that the Arts have the power to unite us and bring us closer to one another by fostering conversation, by bridging communities and by strengthening social ties.

As our community grows, more and more families are looking for inclusive, creative spaces to spend quality time together.

It’s inherent in our mission to foster these social connections. In 2024, we’ll open a brand new 8,300 square foot facility as a manifestation of this mission. This new space will house creative studios and a community room to help facilitate social connections through lectures and workshops, partnerships new and old, gatherings and celebrations.

Our humanity is shaped by the art we create and the cultural connections we share.

Our nonprofit’s value derives from our ability to use its donations and resources to provide a measurable public good. Really, to be at the center of it all.

And because our profits are measured in impact, not in money, we hope that you consider a donation to Spruill during this year’s Annual Fund Campaign. Your financial support is what has enabled us in the past, and what drives us towards a brighter future, by creating this impact together.