The world is a bit brighter with Art in it.

At Spruill, we believe that Art transforms lives. Plain and simple. And while study after study attests to the health, financial, and emotional benefits of the Arts in our community, statistics don’t always tell the full story. People do. Because at the heart of it, the Arts are truly about people and what it means to be human. The Arts teach us empathy. They bring communities together. They bring comfort to the afflicted.

The Arts provide inspiration and lend a voice to our collective experiences where words cannot do those experiences justice. No one knows this better than our students who reflect our mission and share in our belief in the power of the Arts. But don’t take our word for it – take theirs:

You may have seen one of several articles this past year about Spruill and the role of Art in our community. Dunwoody has long talked about the arts, culture, and placemaking in its planning efforts. And now, Spruill and our artists are leading the way as Art blossoms across the city and we help weave together the cultural fabric of our community.

But despite this, Georgia consistently ranks at the bottom among all states in terms of funding for the Arts. According to the National Assembly of Arts Agencies, government funding for the Arts this year is a mere six cents per resident. Fortunately, donations from individuals like you typically account for up to 25 percent of an arts organization’s budget and your support has helped us make much needed improvements to our facility, allowed us to limit class sizes and increase cleaning and sanitization, and helped us branch out into the community with art, demonstrations, and other community engagement.

Your donation to our annual fund campaign will help us continue to be a home for Art and artists of all types from our professional teaching artists to the newest beginner looking to increase their creativity and community connection. Your support will also help us continue to “paint the town red” as we advocate for more arts and culture-based activities and programs. Please consider a contribution during this year’s Annual Fund Campaign to support Spruill’s mission as we continue to foster creativity and social connections through the Arts.