How long have you been teaching at the Spruill Center? Since 2007


What do you teach? Beadweaving – Beginning, Projects and Intermediate.


Best part about teaching at Spruill? Honestly, the staff and the students. I have students who have taken class with me since I first started teaching at Spruill and it is amazing to see how they’ve grown creatively. Every new student teaches me a different way of seeing things, different color paths, different sizes of beads and it all just feeds creativity.


Do you have any pets? Yes, 2 cats.


Where did you grow up? I was born in New Jersey, lived in Philadelphia until I was 8, and grew up in Michigan. I moved to Atlanta in 1991, a year after I graduated college.


What brought you to Atlanta? At the time I was working at an ad agency in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The agency closed and I had to move on. I was not interested in staying in the cold weather (Chicago, NY), so I headed south to Atlanta. I love it here and met my husband here and have raised 2 beautiful girls.


Favorite Artist? Or biggest inspiration? My Mom. She has always been creative and instilled art in my life at a very young age. The two of us have always enjoyed art together, which includes drawing, painting, polymer clay, jewelry making, sewing and anything else we decide to try! My mom continues to create and inspires me every day.


Guilty pleasure? Locking myself in my sewing studio for the entire day and only making things for myself.


What are you currently reading or binge watching? I am an avid reader and only read memoirs. Currently I’m reading The Dead Moms Club: A Memoir About Death, Grief, and Surviving the Mother of all Losses by Kate Spencer. I get my recommendations from People Magazine and this memoir offered humor. Before that I read, Chancer: How One Good Boy Saved Another, by Donnie Kanter Winokur, who is a friend of mine and also the Rabbi’s wife at my congregation. Our children grew up together! I highly recommend this book!


Favorite Vacation? My youngest daughter brought us to Israel in 2016 after she spent a semester of 10th grade there.  We fell in love and have been planning to go back the first chance we get. I am also an avid cruiser and cruise with my mother every year in March. We started by going on a “Bead Cruise” the first two years and then just cruising on our own while beading and sketching. It is a tradition that I hope continues for years to come.


Julie teaches at the Spruill Center on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am-12:00pm. To learn more about her and to see samples of her gorgeous beadweaving visit