Mosaic Arts instructor, Janice Schmidt, collaborated with the Spruill Center for the Arts to develop an art installation. In late 2016 a group of Janice’s students expressed an interest in creating large scale public art and approached her about the creative process to make a large mosaic and where the art should be installed.  Having been an instructor at the Spruill Center for the Arts for over 10 years and wanting to share her love of the arts Janice felt the education center would be the best place to display the art.  “I am so grateful for my experiences at the Spruill Center and wanted to give back,” said Schmidt.


Janice presented the idea to CEO, Bob Kinsey, and Education Director, Kristin Wilder. Both Bob and Kristin thought this was a great contribution to the arts community and way to showcase the many talents at Spruill.


Janice collaborated with her students and everyone went to work on developing three large, beautiful mosaic panels. The next step was to determine the best way to display the panels. Spruill’s blacksmithing instructor, John Scroggin, got involved and volunteered to make steel frames.


Upon completion of the panels Spruill began working with the city of Dunwoody on the installation of the frames and on Friday, February 9, 2018 the panels were installed in the front entryway of the education center. They are absolutely stunning!

Spruill instructor Janice Schmidt (far right) and some of her students who worked on the mosaic panels