Meet Teesha Borum of Reciprocitee. She first participated in the Holiday Artists Market in 2017 and her bath & body products have been a staple at the gallery ever since. Get to know Teesha and her luxurious line of skincare products.


Spruill: How did you first get started in your chosen craft or art form?
Teesha: I was let go from my job and suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Inspired by other local bath & body makers, I started making lip balm as a hobby.


Spruil: What do you like best about your chosen craft or art form?
Teesha: It gives me the opportunity to work for myself, which in turn keeps me happy and sane.


Spruill: How important do you feel handmade is in our world?
Teesha: Handmade is important as a form of expression for the artist/maker, as well as a way to remind consumers to slow down. We’re living in an era where factories can whip up 1000’s of any given item in minutes. Although it’s convenient, it causes us to forget about shopping local, appreciating quality, and supporting causes that are important to us (rather than unknowingly supporting agendas we may not believe in when giving our money to major corporations).


Spruill: What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?
Teesha: My favorite thing about the holidays is the increased interest in my brand. The thought of my products being enjoyed by old and new customers makes me happy.


Stop by the Spruill Gallery this holiday season fill those stockings with lip balm, bath bombs or soaps from Reciprocitee.

To see Teesha’s comprehensive line of products visit her website at or follow her on Instagram: @reciprocitee