Meet Pam Wetzel, another returning artist to the Holiday Artists Market. Pam paints the most beautiful watercolors then takes her creations and prints them on tea towels, pillows, throws and notecards. Get to know Pam and her colorful artwork.


Spruill: How did you first get started in your chosen craft or art form?

Pam: I lost my childhood sweetheart and husband of 52 years five years ago.   Nine months later the Spruill Center for the Arts Fall catalogue arrived in the mail.  I looked through it and saw a watercolor fish that I thought would be fun to know how to paint.  So, I signed up for the class that that teacher taught…. And since then, I have been taking watercolor classes at Spruill every season for the last four years.


Spruill: What do you like best about your chosen craft or art form?
Pam: Watercolor is a freeing and expressive medium that allows me to express on paper what I see in the beauty around me.  I love to paint flowers and still lifes using a combination of watercolor and ink, known as “ink and wash”.  This has become my signature painting style.


Spruill: How important do you feel handmade is in our world?
Pam: In this world of retail mass marketing of almost anything, a hand-crafted creation that is uniquely yours has become a rarity. We all have a talent of some kind; if it is art, we can share with others our personal vision of the world, in all its beauty or pathos, through our art.


Spruill:What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?
Pam: Always, being with my daughters and adult grandchildren, is the most important aspect of any holiday or special occasion for me. We are all foodies and good cooks, so yes, the food is often front and center!!


Pam will be one of our featured artists at our Handmade Gift Bazaar this Saturday, December 14, 11am-3pm. Stop by and meet the artist in person.


See more of Pam’s amazing watercolors by visiting her website: