Meet Anna Dlougolenskaia, one of our new artists in the Holiday Artists Market. Anna is a fiber/sculpture artist and makes the most wonderful soft sculptures and ornaments. Get to know Anna and her creations.

Spruill: How did you first get started in your chosen craft or art form?

Anna: I have been designing textile for fifteen years. Often looking at my fabrics I wanted to make something from it. Now as I create my soft sculptures, I do some reinterpreting and recycling, often literally, since I use fabric samples from my past designing work.

Spruill: What do you like best about your chosen craft or art form?

Anna: Making soft sculptures allows me to combine the two things in life I value most: visual art and storytelling. The personality of a character develops itself as I work on it. By the time I finish one, I know so much about it, that I can write a book about his or her life. And sometimes I actually do write text to go with a piece. Some of my characters also became actors in our experimental short films (can see them on my site). Two of these movie stars – friends, named Violetta and Nora – even have their own Facebook page:  AND a published book about their adventures

Spruill: How important do you feel handmade is in our world?

Anna: In today’s world where children grow up pushing buttons on their devices, even a cursive handwriting is about to become a lost art. I believe we are responsible for the preservation of all crafts for the future generations.

Spruill: What is your favorite thing about the Holidays?

Anna: I won’t lie; as an artist my favorite part is always visual. There is no Holiday Spirit without all the attributes! I can’t imagine my Holidays without decorating the Tree and – of course! – making ornaments for it.


You can see more of Anna’s work on her website: