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Adult Art Education
Youth Arts Programs

Your donation to the Spruill Center goes beyond supporting art programs; it fosters a sense of belonging and connection within the community.

By investing in the Spruill Center’s initiatives, you help create spaces where people can gather, learn, and be inspired.  From art classes and workshops to community events and outreach programs, your contribution creates opportunities for people to come together, share their stories, and find common ground.

Furthermore, your generosity ensures that the Spruill Gallery can continue to showcase thought-provoking exhibitions, sparking conversations and inspiring a deeper appreciation for art in all its forms.

We appreciate your generosity.

Major Gifts and Sponsorships

Major gifts and sponsorships are vital in enabling us to achieve our mission and make a lasting impact.  We greatly appreciate support in various forms, including in-kind donations such as food or beverages for events, as well as financial contributions and sponsorships for events, exhibitions and programs.  Your generous support allows us to create meaningful experiences for our community and makes a significant difference in how we foster creativity and social connections through the art.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor or corporate partner, contact Alan Mothner, CEO of the Spruill Center to discuss opportunities and benefits specific to your company.

Matching Gifts

Discover the power of doubling your impact through matching gift programs! Numerous organizations provide opportunities for their employees to participate in such programs.  If you’ve made a financial contribution, your employer or your spouse’s employer might be willing to make a match.  Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to amplify the value of your donation.  Reach out to your Human Resources department to inquire about their matching contribution program.