Donate to the Annual Fund

Art is defined as when a human tells another human what it is to be human. It is considered the highest form of hope. In today’s chaotic environment, Art speaks where words are unable to explain. And Spruill has been at the forefront of supporting Art and Artists throughout this unprecedented year.


When the pandemic first closed our doors in March, we turned to Art to bring a ray of hope to the community.

      • We partnered with other nonprofits to create & distribute EVERYTHING WILL BE OK yard signs, raising more than $40,000 for artists in need
  • We introduced free online classes and demonstrations so our community could still benefit from artistic expression
  • We demonstrated our longstanding support of, and commitment to, our beloved family of instructors by financially supporting them while our doors remained closed, resulting in more than $28,000 in direct support
  • We recently celebrated the power of the community with our inaugural AMPLIFY art installation at the Spruill Gallery which resulted in a vibrant, hopeful public art mural that will bring inspiration and cheer for the coming year

But make no mistake. The pandemic has had a profound economic toll on Spruill. As we turn the page on 2020 and look forward to a fresh start in 2021 we are reaching out to ask you for your support. Like most arts and culture nonprofit organizations, we have seen events cancelled and major changes in our ability to provide our programs. So, here’s where we need your help.


Your donation to our annual fund campaign will ensure that Spruill Center for the Arts continues to be able to provide the programming and community support for which we have been known for the past 45 years. And we have BIG plans for 2021 including the implementation of our recently completed Strategic Plan. You’ll see new and varied programs – both in-person and virtually. More public art, numerous facility improvements and classroom enhancements, and a greater number of opportunities for everyone to engage with the Arts. Please consider helping to financially support Spruill and our vision to serve as a beacon for the community. Together, we can harness the power of Art to provide a shining light into the future.