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GOLF 2010

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Belt Buckles
Instructor:  Terri St. Romain


The supplies needed for this course will vary depending on the student's choice of project.  We'll be working mainly in copper and nickel, but students should consider bringing the following materials:

  • Heavy gauge (such as 18 ga) silver sheet big enough for their belt buckle, if not more.

  • Heavy gauge (8-10 ga) silver wire

  • Approximately 1 foot of bezel wire (5-6 mm) if you choose to add stones.

  • Smaller gauge wire for decorative elements.

  • Items to consider for cold connection (like riveting).

  • Stones. 

As the cost of silver is high- Copper, brass, and nickel will be provided for students to use.  This class is orientated towards mechanics, review of the different kinds of buckles, and practical construction.